06 Feb 2020 in News



RACA coach Mark Bullock has hailed the team for sticking to a second-half gameplan in the 1-0 win over Redcar Athletic.


Speaking after the EAM Cup victory, Bullock said:


“(It was a ) Tight and sometimes scrappy affair. Very very little between the two sides. They’ve missed a couple of really good chances in the second-half where Davey made a fantastic save, especially in the last minute to make sure it didn’t go to penalties. 


We had a chat at half-time about a bit of a gameplan for the second half. It’s the first time we’ve done it and we’ve scored from it, it’s absolutely worked out perfectly. We’re delighted to be in the semi-final.”


The coach didn’t give too much away on what was said during the break, but reiterated his joy at how well the players executed the tactics.


“I’m not going to give it away too much in case we need it again but I will say that we had highlighted a possible area where we’d been getting a little bit of joy when we finally got playing in the first half.


We felt that if we could just get the ball out there, in that area, and deliver that certain type of ball, that it would work out for us. Bounced over the centre-halves, nodded over the keeper - job done.”


However, Bullock refused to get carried away with the win, saying that victory over Redcar last night does not necessarily give the side an edge in the league for the rest of the season.


“I’m not sure (whether RACA now have an edge over Redcar). I think at the level and in this league, you only have to look at the weekend. 


Loads of teams in the top 6 lost at the weekend. We were leading at half-time and threw away a chance so you could argue that we are on a downer in the league from that, I don’t think you should ever read too much into it at this level. 


You’ll go on to win a game, and teams will go on to lose games, it’s going to be extremely tight and a great end to the season for every team involved.”

Reporter: Charlie Bennett


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