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02 Oct 2019 in News

Mike Amos' Northern League Blog Mike Amos' Northern League Blog

An appeal from the League's former chairman

Below is an email the club received from Mike regarding his daily blog  (of which I am a subscriber) which covers all things Northern League, Non League, Football, Dominoes in the Darlington area, Other Sports & finally general unusual facts in that order. Mike is privvy to certain snippets of football  information you don't see elsewhere so well worth subscribing to. Anyway, Mike says-
This email is being written to all Northern League club secretaries. Some will remember me as league chairman (and much else) from 1996-2016, some won't. It's amazing how many personnel changes there've been.
Though I retired in 2016, I remain the league's senior vice-president, still get to two games every week and still write a daily blog - www.mikeamosblog.wordpress.com - which wanders about the North-East's highways and byways but majors on Ebac Northern League football. The purpose of this email is to draw your attention to the blog and seek your support in making it better known.
Though I have remained firm to my retirement pledge never ever to criticise the Northern League or its people - why would I? - the league itself declines in any way to promote the blog or to make its existence known. Ever immodest, I think it deserves more readers.
How can you help? Maybe simply forward this email to those on your committee or supporters' list. Maybe give it a mention, one-off or permanently, in the programme. Maybe offer a link on your website or other social media outlets.
I'd also always be interested in bits of news from your camp, particularly of what journalists call a "human interest" nature.
I hope to be able to continue the blog on a daily basis, would be very grateful for your help - and if you've any comments or thoughts on the thing, do please let me know.
Cheers and thanks
Mike Amos


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