Player Records 38- U-Z

11 Jul 2020 in News

Player Records 38- U-Z Player Records 38- U-Z

The last one in the series, all the players whose first names began with U, V, W, X, Y or Z but in the absence of Ulysses, Victor, Xerxes, Yehudi or Zak we just have three begining with W

Wayne Dunn2014-152014-151 plus 3 as a sub0
Will Forsyth2014-15 2017-1855 plus 15 as a sub14
Will Nutman2015-162015-168 plus 1 as a sub1

The main man here was Will Forsyth once described as RACA's answer to Dimitar Berbatov, with raw talent to burn but prone to switch off in games. He spent two spells at the club & would flit between playing for us and Hexham. The red headed Will Nutman was a great find and really looked the part, but sadly for us he left for teacher training college.


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