Player Records No25 Top Marks

28 Jun 2020 in News

Player Records No25 Top Marks Player Records No25 Top Marks

Today it's the turn of Marks who have played for us since 2013 and there are three

Mark Emmerson2014-152014-150 but 4 as sub0
Mark Lowdon2015-162016-173 plus 2 as a sub0
Mark McMeekin2014-152017-1847 plus 20 as sub0

 Mark McMeekin or Macca is the one to concentrate on here. He played on and off for us for four seasons but was plagued with a back injury throughout his later seasons. Last seen playing at Prudhoe Youth Club Seniors along with another RACA stalwart Sam Moore. Mark Lowdon really impressed in defence when called upon from RACA 'A' and it puzzled many why he didn't feature more than he did.


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